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Monday, January 23, 2012

The little, light blue, convertible Volkswagen Beetle that could.

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while. And for all intents and purposes, "a while" in this instance means a heckuva long time.

But instead of catching up and recounting what has happened to me the past however many months, I instead want to share my message of hope in the form of a metaphor loosely based on a children's story....that can be applied to people of all ages.

Are you familiar with the story of the "Little Engine That Could"?? If not, I suggest you stop reading this blog post, google the story, and after researching/reading it, continue reading this.

While this story is an excellent metaphor for anything we go through in life, I have not always been a fan of it. I have, at times, thought to myself, "This story is so cliche. Sure, it may give hope to some people, but really?? A little train engine that talks and by repeating the phrase 'I think I can' over and over is able to overcome adversity?? Good in theory, but does not apply to my life."

It has been only recently that I have translated the story, with my own personal spin on it, to my own life.

For me, I submit the title of the story be "The Little Light Blue, Convertible Volkswagen Beetle that could."

Why this title?? I'm glad you asked!! A light blue, convertible Volkswagen Beetle is my dream car. My first car was a Beetle, and I now have a Toyota, which I love, but I still yearn for that light blue convertible bug (black soft top).

I have come to think of my life in terms of the newly-revised title I proposed. I, of course, play the role of the light blue, convertible Volkswagen Beetle who could. Below, I will tell the story, and you can decipher it in terms of Recovery. I think it will be a fun little game.

Once upon a time, there was a little light blue, convertible, Volkswagen Beetle. The Beetle wanted nothing more than to drive on the interstate for the first time. But the Beetle was scared to try something new. "Surely there is a way I can undertake, and succeed at, this task," the Beetle said to herself one Summer's day.

The Beetle decided to go ask others she knew for help and encouragement. Everyone she talked to offered her words of advice and assisted her as much as they could, but after talking to everyone who offered her support, she realized it was really up to her to make it happen.

So, days passed by. As did weeks. As did months. As did years. Summer changed to fall changed to winter, for 8 years, and the Beetle still had not ventured on to the interstate. "I don't think I have the courage to take this giant leap," the Beetle said to herself.

One night in early January, the Beetle had trouble sleeping. She had a nagging feeling that there was something she needed to do for herself. She woke up and "paced" around the garage. Suddenly it clicked!! "Tonight is the night," she said. "I am going to get on that interstate, and nothing is going to stop me!!"

The Beetle slowly drove up the main road in the city that led to the interstate. Second by second, she gained more speed. She entered the ramp that connected the city road with the interstate. The Beetle went faster and faster and faster and faster. In a matter of seconds, before she knew it, she was on the interstate, going 70 miles per hour.

"Woohoo!!" screamed the Beetle, "This is the best feeling I have ever felt!! Why did I wait so long to tackle this feat?? I had no idea I could feel this HAPPY and FREE!!"

The Beetle kept an eye on her speedometer, but she pushed the gas pedal just a little bit harder so she could feel the wind in her face. "So THIS is what truly living feels like," she said. "Now that I've experienced this, I can't ever imagine going back to the world where I was scared to tackle my fears."

The Beetle kept cruising along the interstate, headlights straight ahead, only using her rear view mirror to remind herself of how far she had come, and how much further she was going with every passing rotation of her wheels.

I hope each and every one of you is having a blessed day.

God bless,

<3 Becca

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