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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How do YOU define Recovery??

Here I have another post inspired by a news article in the New York Times. The article is entitled, "In Fighting Anorexia, Recovery is Elusive" and can be read in its entirety here.  If you want to read a more "Reader's Digest" version of the article, you can do so here.

The article starts by discussing a physician, Dr. Suzanne Dooley-Hash, and her views on Recovery (she has struggled with an eating disorder since she was 15).

The article caused me to ask myself a question I have thought about countless times in my own Recovery process:  "Becca, how do YOU define Recovery??"

So I would like to pose the question to you readers, as well.  How do YOU define Recovery??  This could be Recovery from an eating disorder or any other type of addiction.  In the case of an Ed, do you define Recovery as "maintaining a stable, healthy weight for X amount of days/weeks/months/years"??  In the case of any addiction, (although my primary focus is Ed) do you define Recovery as being symptom-free for a certain amount of time??  Do you define Recovery as being free from the thoughts/urges that go along with you disorder??

What factors do you use in determining what "Recovery" truly is??  Also, something else on which I'd like to hear your thoughts....Do you think a "full Recovery" is possible??  And if so, do you think it's possible for YOU??

Comment away!!  And, as always, remember:  RECOVERY ROCKS!!

God bless

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