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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weighing the options - Ed vs. Recovery

Okay, so I've decided to start up this blog and (hopefully) keep it going.  I may not get many followers, but I think this is going to be good for my own personal edification.

As it says in the description of this blog, I wanted to create a 100% PRO-RECOVERY blog, where I can sort out my thoughts about how evil Ed is and how worth it and wonderful Recovery is, even though it can be hard as heck some times.

I've been asked many times to write out what Ed gives me, and then to write out what Recovery gives me.  That is, what do I get from Ed, and what do I get from Recovery.  It's kind of interesting to see them side by side.  I figured this would be a good first post to get me in the Recovery blogging mindset.

Ed tells me that hanging out with him is the only way to be in control of my life.
Recovery assures me that Ed does not help me control my life, but instead he controls me.  Recovery gives me the opportunity to take back that control away from Ed and focus it on the truly important things in life (God, relationships, my future).

Ed tells me that when I listen to him and do what he says, I am exhibiting a sense of self-accomplishment.
Recovery again reassures me by reminding me the "self-accomplishment" Ed tells me I am exhibiting is not really accomplishment I am having, but accomplishment Ed is having by manipulating me.  Recovery reminds me that every time I actively disobey Ed, I am demonstrating REAL self-accomplishment, and am giving me a reason to be proud of myself.

Ed tries to convince me that if I listen to him and obey him, I will be perfect.
Recovery again comes in to reassure me by reminding me that "perfect" does not exist.  Recovery also reminds me that there is no such thing as a "perfect" Recovery, and that striving for perfection in any way only feeds Ed's ego.

Ed tells me that being with him and obeying him is the best way to manage stress.
Recovery reminds me of all the times Ed has not HELPED with my stress, but has WORSENED it and made my life increasingly MORE stressful.  Recovery encourages me when I start to believe that remaining in Recovery is more stressful than hanging out with Ed and assures me that Recovery, while it can be downright difficult at times, is totally WORTH IT.

Ed is only capable of telling lies.  He is incapable of saying ANYTHING that is true.  He does NOT have my best interest in mind, and he will never actually help me with any problems I encounter in life.

Recovery is always concerned with my best interest and well being.  Recovery tells me the truth that I am a beautiful child of the one and only living God and that there is nothing I can do to escape His love.

All-in-all, I'd say the answer is an overwhelming "GO RECOVERY!!"

God bless

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